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Have been drawing sense I can remember. Have been truly learning to draw for 2 years. Have undertaken a mighty step forward with the help of Jesus Christ in learning to become a better artist. I am currently attending Southern Adventist University Adventist (although I am not Adventist and no disrespect meant) I have been learning from some great teachers there at the school that I believe Christ has put in my path to. I am concentrating on Storyboarding and Concept Design.

I at first thought I was going to be an animator, but  found out that was not the direction that the Holy Spirit wonted to go so I switched back to fine arts after 1st receiving an associates in fine art from a local college.

A History and I mean a brief history of drawing.

Man for the past 5000 years has been making marks on different surfaces to convey ideas that we had no other way to portray. From building the great pyramids to Gods Temple in Jersuelum, to the great buildings of our time the ability to draw and to draw well  has been present in humanity for a long time. Even though for the most part it was considered secondary and subjugated to all other arts. Until the 18-century it was not looked upon has having a great benefit or seen as a desirable way to make a living, sense it was used as a preliminary means to other finished mediums (painting, sculpture, and architecture). During this time it was recognized as a means and an end in itself. Schools that concentrated in drawing  recognized that it was necessary to be skilled at drawing in order to become a better artist in whole, for drawing  demonstrates what a person really understands about the subject matter one is trying to portray.

A leap forward to the late 30’s and early 40’s.Drawing was seen as a medium that could stand on its own within the abstract expressionist movement and many tried to push the boundaries of what was considered painting and drawing.

With the advent of movies then TV there needed to be a person who could accurately convey on paper what the producer/director was looking for and so was born the concept artist and if one was imaginative enough and had the right skills one could actually make a living from drawing (so thank God for Walt-Disney). Today it has not changed that much except that now we have computers that will enhance the drawings that an artist makes.

Info will be posted A.S.A.P